19.03.2018 MEDIA ABOUT US

Vehicle testing was carried out by the crew of Makar Offroad company in the area of Sorovskoye oil field.

The test drive of AT vehicles to assess the capabilities of snow and swamp-going vehicles in operation was organized by Rosneft Company in November. The local winter roads become impassable in summer and autumn, which makes transporting people and goods to the field a real problem. For this reason, oil companies test and buy AT vehicles.

The tests took place on a 40-km route along the winter road line on the border of Tyumen Oblast and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, to the south of Salym settlement. About ten different snow and swamp-going vehicles became the race participants, with only three vehicles reaching the finish line.

The AT vehicle Burlak managed to reach the finish line without breakdowns, leaving a positive impression on the company representatives. Oil industry workers liked the high level of comfort in the passenger compartment, sound insulation and smooth running.

“The basic principle of any snow and swamp-going vehicle is that the vehicle must be light, and the wheel displacement must be as large as possible, which our development demonstrates. Burlak runs well through the swamp due to a competent design and a good unloaded transmission. There was nothing impassable on the “track” - the AT vehicle is quite capable of overcoming such tests,” Aleksei Makarov, the chief designer of Makar Offroad, commented.

The cargo modification of Burlak is equipped with a 149-horsepower Cummins 2.8 ISF engine, which makes the vehicle capable to accelerate up to 50 km/h on solid ground. The speed of movement on water makes more than 5 km/h. The weight of the vehicle at full load is 7 tons, and the ground clearance is 700 mm. In this configuration, Burlak can be used to transport goods, people, and equipment across rugged terrain and at low temperatures.

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