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Two multipurpose all-terrain vehicles Burlak are delivered in early October to Beringovsky settlement, where in the future they will be used. Their purpose will include the delivery of food to the villages of Beringovsky well cluster, which is difficult in spring and winter for Chukotopttorg LLC, which bought new vehicles.

In the service of suppliers

It should be noted that the first of the snow and swamp-going vehicles developed and built by the specialists of Makar Offroad company (Ekaterinburg) appeared in Chukotka a bit earlier. In the spring, the Temp construction company acquired Burlak to transport goods and employees. At that time the vehicle moved on its own to Anadyr from Yakutsk to Chersky and farther through Bilibino, Pevek, Mys Shmidta, Amguema, and Valunisty. In total, it made almost 6 thousand kilometers to the district capital, showing high off-road performance, including on water. Then a few working journeys followed.

Experts of Chukotopttorg LLC became interested in the new vehicles, which received good reviews from the mechanic who served it.

"We paid attention to Burlak cargo version,” says Oleg Gubiev, Deputy Director of Chukotopttorg. - “Its loading capacity is about 2.5-3 tons, depending on the condition of soil or snow. The harder the soil, the greater the load. The vehicles will fully cater for delivery to Beringovsky well cluster, where in December we will be able to arrange transportation.” The fact is that problems with the delivery of products to villages located along the southwestern coast of the district, and not only there, according to Oleg Gubiev, arise almost annually. This was especially clearly shown by the last two warm winters, which caused difficulties with the delivery of goods to the villages of Markovsky well cluster in Anadyr region. The new vehicles will allow to quickly supply residents of inhabited localities with “fresh products” from the warehouse for perishable products located in Beringovsky settlement. Besides, due to the fact that the residents of Khatyrka and Meynypilgyno, as well as the villages of the Anadyr River Basin, fish for Chukotopttorg, Burlaks can be used to transport the fish to the district capital for processing. This will significantly reduce the cost of the export of raw materials from the rivers of the Anadyr and Beringovsky river systems, which means that it will affect the final price of products.
“Tracked Monsters” Sunset

Before taking the new vehicles “on board”, Chukotopttorg sent its representative, who personally attended the assembly of all-terrain vehicles, accepted them, tested them off-road to see the production process.

It is not a coincidence that Burlaks were purchased and two of them at once: as a rule, at least two vehicles that secure each other always set off. They are provided with satellite phones and always support radio communications on the go.

"It was also in support of this vehicle that Burlaks were able to tow a trailer of approximately the same loading capacity, doubling the total volume of cargo transported, which is very important for us,” the Deputy Director of Chukotopttorg said. - “Therefore, we need a trailer with a loading capacity of about 2 tons too. In our conditions of fairly even tundra Burlak engine is enough. However, such a trailer model is still under development, and the one that we have does not suit us because of the low loading capacity. We hope that next year we will be able to purchase trailers.

If the experiment with Burlaks during winter and spring will pay off and in Chukotopttorg they will be convinced that this is the vehicle that they need, then two more Burlaks to those already purchased, plus the existing TRECOL vehicles, will cover the company's needs for all types of transportation for two directions at once.

As Oleg Gubiev explained, the Chukotka region, where old tracked all-terrain vehicles require replacement, will become another area for work on which it is planned to purchase two more Burlaks.

"Today, MTLBu (Multi-Purpose Towing Vehicle Light Armoured) all-terrain vehicles are used there,” he noted. “They transport almost as much cargo as Burlak does, but they are slower, and the fuel consumption is not their advantage. New all-terrain vehicles spend less fuel, besides, they provide for the possibility of installing additional removable fuel tanks with a capacity of up to half a ton. We hope that Burlaks will help to finally part with the tracked all-terrain vehicles for which it is almost impossible to get spare parts. Yes, and, as all-terrain vehicle operators joke themselves, “there is no longer anyone who wants to drive tanks.

Material of the newspaper “Far North”.