08.03.2017 MEDIA ABOUT US

Footage from “Vesti” TV-program on “Russia-1” channel about the tests of Burlak AT vehicle.

The expedition which tested the new Russian AT vehicles in the Kara Sea has arrived in Labytnangi. Eight participants of the expedition have arrived in the town of Seven Larches in Burlak-2 and Emelia AT vehicles. The enthusiasts were testing the vehicle of the second generation in the ice of the Kara Sea. 

After driving more than two thousand kilometers from Ekaterinburg, the guys took a look at how the upgraded amphibious vehicle behaved and what it was capable of. The vehicles passed tests perfectly well. The team calls its journey to the Kara Sea the true tests. They say the road was too easy for the expedition. Burlak-2 showed its capabilities and impressed the travelers. On the way, they managed to check how the AT vehicle was going on loose snow, where no one had ever made a smooth track by wheels. They saw the plasticity of salt ice and, of course, checked the buoyancy of the AT vehicle. 

“It just jumped off the ice into the open water and floated, first it tilted a little to the side and it was carried by the wind — the weight distribution was a bit incorrect. I saw all of this through the camera, it was a little scary — I thought, “What will happen now?!” But nothing happened, when guys had it quickly fixed inside, they started the engine. The vehicle straightened out and just floated on the water, and I realized that then it was all right,” Alexei Kamerzanov, a member of the expedition, said. 

This AT vehicle is the second generation of Burlak. Unlike its predecessor, the engine of this giant is located in front. Due to this design, the vehicle goes better uphill, rides faster, easier and more cost-efficient. The AT vehicle with Japanese engine and an automatic box is well equipped inside. 

This vehicle has everything for a comfortable existence of 4 people: wide berths, a table, a gas stove, a hood, but the most important thing is a hydraulic steering wheel, using which you can control this huge vehicle even with one hand. The maximum weight of Burlak in the loaded state is 7 tons. Participants of the test note that to achieve the main goal and conquer the North Pole, it is necessary to make the vehicle lighter, which means getting rid of some of the benefits of civilization. But this is not the most important thing for achieving the goal.  

“Willpower is probably the most important thing. When we watched the video with Emelia reaching the North Pole, there, of course, the vehicle was almost carried with hands. Probably, we will do the same. Willpower. And, of course, the vehicle must be reliable,” Maksim Belonogov, the member of the expedition, says. 

Next year the adrenaline junkies plan to get to Golomyanny Island located in Taymyr. And the team plans to achieve the main goal in 2019.