07.10.2018 MEDIA ABOUT US

Material from the magazine “Special Machinery and Oil and Gas Equipment”

On October 1st, during testing across Beringovskiy village, Novomariinskiy TPC (Trade-Production Complex) accepted for operation the batch of cargo AT vehicles from the Ural company Makar Offroad.

Cargo version of the famous Arctic all-terrain vehicle Burlak was presented for the first time in autumn 2017. In November it showed good results during the test drive of all-terrain vehicles, organized by Rosneft. About a dozen of snow and swamp-going vehicles of different design and purpose took part in the 40-kilometer extreme race along the winter road at the border of Tyumen region and Khanty-Mansiysk district. Only three of them reached the finish line. Burlak, into which the organizers moved after the first 10 kilometers, confidently overcame all obstacles and reached the destination without breakdowns. Experts noted the outstanding cross-country mobility, high level of comfort in the passenger compartment, good sound insulation, and soft suspension.

In terms of the combination of characteristics, the all-terrain vehicle is unrivaled. The organizations, which require to transport goods and passengers in harsh climatic conditions with minimum costs, dream of such a vehicle. The first order for two all-terrain vehicles came from Anadyr from Novomariinsky trade and production complex LLC. The company will use these vehicles not only for its needs but also to provide transportation services to other organizations. The manufacturer provided factory warranty and technical support for the vehicles. The vehicles were delivered with a container with a full set of spare parts. This will allow to operate Burlaks almost continuously. By the way, since May, the expedition version of Burlak has been working in Chukotka. It was purchased by a construction company from Anadyr to transport employees and cargo. The experience of using other vehicles was not very successful because of frequent breakdowns, difficulties in maintenance and low load capacity.

– I've been watching the developments of the designer Alexei Makarov for a long time. I would say Burlak is a “Lexus” among all-terrain vehicles, - that’s how the chief mechanic of construction company Alexander Lysenko said about the vehicle.

Cargo version of Burlak is structurally different from the expedition version. With a purpose to extend the cargo compartment, the number of passenger seats has been reduced by half, here are eight of them. There are two berths. The loading capacity of the vehicle has doubled: now the all-terrain vehicle carries up to two tons of cargo without loss of buoyancy. The main difference was the use of domestic serial components, so the AT vehicle is convenient to operate, easy to repair and maintain. At the request of customers, the body can be tilt-covered or all-metal with additional insulation. The cargo version of Burlak can be used for transportation of goods, passengers, equipment at low temperatures in rough terrain. The propeller allows the vehicle to maneuver on the water and reach a speed of up to 6 km/h. Custom-made low-pressure tires reduce the negative effect on soil and vegetation, preserving the environment.