08.04.2017 MEDIA ABOUT US

"How is the Arctic all-terrain vehicle being tested? They try to break it on rocks, crush it on the ice and drown it in the sea. This is a test of the vehicle for overloading" — the story about the tests of the Burlak AT vehicle in the Yamal Meridian magazine.

Mountains, snow, streams with gullies, rocks under the snow that are not visible. Slopes, traverses. All this is in abundance in the Nether-Polar Urals. This time, Burlak failed to climb the Mount Narodnaya, where the blizzard was raging and visibility was zero. But we overcame the most difficult climb. By the morning of the next day, there was not even a hint of improvement in the weather, and, with a heavy heart, the test drivers drove off the mountain in the direction of Inta.

The second version of the Burlak — a representative of a new class of multi-purpose Arctic all-terrain vehicles — successfully passed tests in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and the Komi Republic. Compared with other ATVs capable of swimming, Burlak amazes with its size. As tall as two men, almost three meters wide and more than 6.5 meters long. This is a mobile camper with comfortable living conditions for eight people, which can take more than two tons of payload without losing buoyancy. It can turn into a fully-fledged freight transport confidently going through the mountains, open water, salt-water ice, and ice ridges in any season. In fact, the vehicle was originally designed to achieve an ambitious goal — to reach the North Pole and return to Eurasia on its own wheels, completely autonomously.

Burlak came into the spotlight in 2016, when, with the support of the Maxim taxi booking service, Ural engineer Aleksei Makarov created a prototype of the vehicle. In the spring, it quickly reached the Kara Sea. The new Burlak became lighter by one and a half tons, more powerful and more cost-efficient. Its design was substantially modified. The engine is placed not in the rear, as in the prototype, but in the front part of the ATV, the transmission is completely redesigned. Only Toyota 1KD FTV engine and automatic transmission remained of the standard units and components. The rest was custom-made in the workshop of Aleksei Makarov in Ekaterinburg and the factories of Russia and China upon special order. In fact, we got a new vehicle that had to be tested again.