Channel One Russia released a film about the “Antarctica. 200 years of discovery” expedition, which was prepared by the Makar Offroad company

19.01.2020 EXPEDITIONS

In 1820, the Russian expedition of Bellingshausen and Lazarev opened the sixth continent to the world. In late November 2018, the film crew of the Channel One with Valdis Pelsh, TV host, went on the Antarctic expedition to shoot a documentary film about the brightest moments in the history of Antarctica. It was named “Antarctica. Traveling over the three poles”. The travelers made an autonomous automobile journey across the Antarctic continent through three poles: the Pole of Inaccessibility, the South Pole and the Pole of Cold. Within 34 days, 5519 km were covered in Yemelya all-terrain vehicles. A year after the journey was completed, for the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, the film was aired on TV and posted on YouTube.

The technical preparation of the Antarctic expedition was carried out by the Makar Offroad company. Aleksei Makarov also participated in the journey himself as a driver-mechanic.

Preparation of vehicles and development of trailers took 8 months. During that period, the specialists of the Makar Offroad company with the participation of the expedition leader Vasilii Elagin and the driver-mechanic Vladimir Obihod did a lot of work. Many engines, units and components were almost completely reassembled and replaced, internal and external appearances of the vehicles battered by previous journeys were fixed. Four trailers and two cargo sleds were made from scratch, and another trailer was significantly upgraded.

During the work, engineers took into account harsh Antarctic conditions: low temperatures, strong winds, dense snow that structurally resembles ice, snow swamps and sastrugi up to 1.5 meters high, low visibility when, due to the absence of any shadows, a person ceases to see the terrain, and the first vehicle drives almost blind.

Vasilii Elagin, the creator of Yemelya ATV, explained the choice of vehicle-partner,

“We decided to prepare all the vehicles here. Aleksei Makarov offered us a workshop, where there was a team of people who understood what they worked on. In the workshop the vehicles were completely disassembled, every part was checked, then the vehicles were reassembled, tested and only then ‘given the go’ to be delivered to the starting point.”

The documentary film “Antarctica. Traveling over the three poles” perfectly shows that the all-terrain vehicles withstood the overload and reached the goal.

Vasilii Elagin and Aleksei Makarov have known each other for a long time, they are united by a common passion for vehicles and extreme travel.

“I have known Vasilii Elagin for several years. Once I asked this famous traveler for advice, and he provided comprehensive assistance in preparing our expedition to the Arctic Ocean. In his Yemelya ATV, Vasilii participated in comparative testing of our Arctic all-terrain vehicle Burlak, which took place in the snows of the Nether-Polar and Polar Urals, on the drifting ice of the Kara Sea. During joint expeditions we developed friendly relations between us, so the request for help in the preparation of the expedition ‘Antarctica: 200 years of discovery’ was received with pleasure, especially since we had everything necessary for this: space, equipment, specialists and, above all, the experience of such work,” the designer Aleksei Makarov said.