Six Burlak All-Terrain Vehicles and a Travel Trailer with Solar Panels Headed to Antarctica

27.09.2020 EXPEDITIONS

The Makar Offroad company has fulfilled a large order for construction workers of the new Vostok station. The all-terrain vehicles will be used for the transportation of passengers and freight from the Progress coastal station to the Vostok station being under construction in the heart of the coldest continent.

The mobile trailer, which has been manufactured specifically for this order, will become a feeding point for staff and a place of work and rest for cooks.

For the design of the trailer, we’ve used the leaf suspension, and the front axle is pivoting. The body has aluminium skinning and it is also insulated with fibreglass and extruded foamed polystyrene.

There is a kitchen inside with a gas stove, a sink, a microwave oven, a water heater, and an exhaust hood, a dining room for 8 people with sofas, a table, shelves for personal belongings, and a sleeping area for two people. In addition, the trailer is also equipped with a shower and a toilet. 

The trailer, just like the ATVs, has a built-in snow-melting device. Snow is melted by heating the antifreeze with the engine liquid heater, then water is supplied by a pump to the shower booth and the kitchen. The solar panels installed on the roof maintain autonomy.

The trailer has already been added to the product range and will be manufactured according to the needs of customers.

The vehicles have already arrived at the port of Saint Petersburg by lowboys. The ATVs and the trailer will be loaded on the icebreaker there and shipped to Antarctica.

We would like to remind you that a year ago the first Burlak landed on the shore of the South Pole. It successfully overcame all the challenges. High off-road performance, speed characteristics of the wheeled ATV, high carrying and loading capacity together with the comfort conditions for the crew expand the scenarios for the organization of work. For this reason, our customers decided to order six more ATVs.