Review: camper "Burlak" for hunting and fishing

27.06.2021 review

This ATV was built as a single specimen to an order of a client from Tomsk. Inside one can find everything one might need on a trip: a galley with a gas stove and microwave, comfortable berths, several air conditioners and TVs, a toilet, a sink, and power outlets for charging phones and other devices.

For comfortable driving through the woods, this Burlak is equipped with LED fog lights, bush wires and a rear-view camera. The radiator grille is reinforced and the entire perimeter is covered with optic protection. The standard exterior trim has been replaced with a fluted aluminum exterior, which has slightly increased the weight of the ATV; however, fluted aluminum is a more expensive and durable material.

The utility unit has a special roll-up compartment for firearms. Up to five hunting rifles, along with other hunting equipment, can be stored inside this compartment. All changes to the basic vehicle configuration have been made at the client's request.