New model: Burlak snow and swamp-going vehicle with the drilling rig

22.09.2021 TESTINGS

This is an overview of the UBGM-1M mobile drilling rig on the chassis of the Burlak 6x6 all-terrain vehicle. The rig is designed for drilling vertical boreholes in geophysical, engineering and construction, geological explorations, as well as for other drilling operations in hard-to-reach areas or in difficult weather conditions.

The customers requested a vehicle with seemingly incompatible qualities: superior high cross-country performance and versatility of the chassis, environmental friendliness with respect to tundra grass and marshes, large loading capacity for transportation of a high-performance drilling rig and tools, a spacious cabin for comfortable self-sufficient accommodation of drilling crews.

All these requirements have been implemented on the basis of the industrial modification of the Burlak ATV.

The video contains English subtitles.