Burlak Took a Rightful Place in the World of All-Terrain Vehicles

03.12.2021 MEDIA ABOUT US

The fourth book of the journalist and writer Sergey Kubanov "The World of Russian All-Terrain Vehicles" has been published. The edition contains the most famous and original ATVs of the country. Our Burlak is on the cover, there is a detailed analysis of the ATV's features and a big interview with Aleksey Makarov, the designer, in the book. 

The collection is divided into several main blocks: specification, model range, rules of life (interviews with designers), price list, analytics. According to the author, he wanted to write an honest, non-promotional book. There are almost none of such books in the Russian market.  

"I have visited dozens of cities, attended tests of different ATVs, met the designers. It is very important because primarily ATV is the people who manufacture it. Designers, engineers, mechanics, it is the team that creates a high-quality and high-demand product. It has been important to understand for what purpose a certain ATV is manufactured, what are its features, why certain design solutions are applied. During such trips, the Analytics section was created, but it was not originally planned to be introduced. 

In general, my book is designed for beginners. For those who have recently become interested in the topic and want to buy their first ATV for hunting or fishing, organizing tourist trips, or starting their own trucking business. For such readers, the How to Read the Specification section is important. On the one hand, it is very subjective, but on the other hand, it dispels a lot of stereotypes, which will help the owner to choose the right ATV depending on the needs. Essentially, there are no bad and good ATVs. There are those that are suitable for your tasks and those that are not. 

The Analytics section will be useful for manufacturers. It's an outside perspective, an analysis of things happening in this field. I think the book has some food for thought on this subject. It always seemed to me that the production of ATVs was a very good option for business development. You just need to establish the marketing processes right, learn how to sell, and expand the business. 

I hoped that I would be able to attract investment with my work in some way, show and tell how to effectively promote a brand. After analyzing the market, I came to the conclusion that it is almost not expandable. Most designers are very specific people, it is difficult for them to interact with investors to work in a team. They are loners by nature. This is neither bad nor good, it's just a fact, hence the conflict of interests arises. Designers want to create, they are less interested in making money, and managers and businessmen want to sell. For this reason, most manufacturers are unlikely to ever achieve impressive sales volume. 

In general, I am satisfied with the work done. I think that the book turned out interesting. It presents all the original Russian-made wheeled ATVs. The publication already has positive feedback from both readers and manufacturers".