19.03.2017 MEDIA ABOUT US

News story of the Yamal-Region TV-channel about the AT vehicle journey to the Kara Sea.

Under the conditions of the Far North and ocean water. Ural travelers finished another testing of Burlak AT vehicle. And have already returned to Ekaterinburg from Baydaratskaya Bay. This isn't the first expedition. After each testing, the significant changes are made in the design of the AT vehicle. The goal is to create a vehicle capable of reaching the North Pole. Pavel Koltsov observed debriefing and stripping down of the vehicle.

Aleksandr Miakonkikh, member of the expedition:

— We strip it down, look, check. The bolt was leaking, so dissambled it, checked the gears. The pillar was damaged, we pressed it with the ice somewhere apparently. 

Beat up by the ocean ice, but still on its own wheels, Burlak returned to Ekaterinburg, and this, according to the travelers, is not bad. The members of the expedition give the testing in Baydaratskaya Bay a solid B. The main problem is still the same - excess weight.

Aleksei Makarov, AT vehicle engineer:

— We need to strive for reduction in weight, to leave behind the attractive look in favor of weight reduction.

Although compared to last year's version, the new vehicle is lighter by a ton. The transfer of the engine from the rear to the front part justified itself. Vasilii Elagin, the traveler who conquered the North Pole on his Emelia AT vehicles, felt the difference too. For the second year he accompanies the Uralians in technical search across the Arctic expanses.

Vasilii Elagin, traveler, member of the expedition:

— The vehicle even got out of the water on the ice itself. The front axle was pulled out of the water with a winch, then it got out itself. It is fair to say, that the ice condition was perfect. It was soft.

On the expedition to the North Pole, nobody can promise ideal conditions. But travelers plan to get on their own wheels to the top of the earth in a few years.

By that time, there will probably remain only the name of the vehicle. They used to create things from scratch, but keeping in mind the experience of previous Burlaks.

Source: http://yamal-region.tv/news/24217/