05.04.2017 EXPEDITIONS

On April 6th, extreme sports lovers from Latvia, who bought the Russian Burlak amphibious all-terrain vehicle, reached Bely Island in the Kara Sea. This is the closest point to the North Pole that was reached by vehicle.

Travelers went on the expedition at the end of March. They flew from Latvia to Moscow, then reached Ekaterinburg and Ivdel. There were AT vehicles created by the Ural engineer waiting for them: trusted Burlak and equally reliable Makar. The further route goes through the Nether-Polar Urals and Labytnangi, and Bovanenkovo, was the last inhabited locality. Then the travelers crossed the Malygin Strait, which separates Bely Island from the Yamal Peninsula. On the island, they visited the polar weather station named after Popov M.V. and talked to locals.

In total, Burlak covered about 1,500 km on winter roads and across the snow-covered tundra and 15 km on loose sea ice and by the sea water. In 2016, the AT vehicle already made a similar route during the first test for the Transarctic Automobile Expedition. But back then, the last point was Baydaratskaya Bay in the Kara Sea. Bely Island is about 520 km closer to the North Pole. This is a new achievement of the AT vehicle.

Travelers from Latvia have been planning the expedition for a long time, but could not find a suitable vehicle. The fate of the journey was decided by the meeting with the test drivers of Burlak, which took place near Vorkuta in spring 2016. The potential of the Ural AT vehicle impressed the Latvians, and they decided to buy a vehicle for their expedition.