About us

We've been producing versatile Burlak ORVs with superior cross-country performance since 2015. They can be used in a wide range of tasks — from transportation to drilling boreholes.
In 2021, we set up a new Burlak production plant in Kurgan, allowing us to achieve a manifold increase in production volumes. We currently produce three off-road vehicles per month. Yekaterinburg is the location of a pilot production facility where we develop new models and modifications and fulfill custom orders.

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The first Burlak ORV was created for an autonomous expedition to the North Pole. It became the predecessor of a new class of multi-purpose arctic off-road vehicles.
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We opened a Burlak production plant in Kurgan. This new facility helped us significantly increase the number of produced vehicles.
certified Burlak modifications
Burlaks sent to Antarctica

Our certificates
All of our vehicles are certified and are extremely reliable.

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